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Tranquility® XL+ Bariatric Disposable Brief

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Tranquility® XL+ Bariatric Disposable Brief

The Tranquility® XL+ Bariatric Disposable Brief is specifically designed for the bariatric patient for enhanced self-esteem and greater mobility.

Peach Mat Construction with absorbent core protects sensitive skin, controls odor, neutralizes urine, and inhibits bacterial growth. A wetness indicator makes it easy to see when a change is due. Security is assured with Kufguards® leakage protection/containment and generous, 1-liter capacity. The superior absorption of this bariatric adult brief means fewer brief changes and less laundry, which ultimately improves quality of life for both the caregiver and the loved one.

The Stretchy side panels of the XL+ Bariatric Brief extend to 90" circumference. They provide a comfortable fit and allow skin to breathe. Each side panel has micro-hook closure tabs, which enable repositioning and multiple openings while maintaining a secure, fastened fit.

$35.99 Model #: ISG58946

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