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Hand Held Shower

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Hand Held Shower

This hand-held shower kit comes with an adjustable head that provides a choice of spray for a more comfortable and safe bathing experience. Customize with a firm or fine spray for sensitive skin or a pulsating massage spray to target and relieve muscle aches and pains. For a combination spray, try the deluxe hand-held shower model.

Hand-held shower features an extra-long 7' reinforced nylon hose that alleviates awkward reaching or stretching, permits bathing at a distance from dangerous tub fixtures, and is convenient for those with limited mobility who need to bathe in a seated position in a shower chair or bench. The lightweight design is perfect for those with limited strength or children.

The hand-held shower installs easily on an existing 1½” diameter shower arm and includes a wall mounting bracket for easy access to and storage of the hose.

For a more custom, two-in-one shower solution, install a handy two-way diverter valve (sold separately) to switch between a regular shower head and a hand-held hose from a single shower arm pipe. The diverter provides comfortable bathing and rinsing options for all shower users in the home.

Pair this hand-held shower with one of our economical shower chairs, bathtub transfer benches or tub wall grab bars for a low-cost bath safety solution.

Need more than one for home or long-term care facility? Hand-held shower kits are available for purchase in cases of four.

$32.99 Model #: ISG56901

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