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ResMed Zippered Tubing Wrap - 6.5 ft.

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ResMed Zippered Tubing Wrap - 6.5 ft.

ResMed zippered tubing wrap is a lightweight, washable, nylon cover for standard CPAP tubing. This easy-to-use and convenient tubing cover insulates a 6-7 foot long CPAP tube to help prevent 'rain out' when using a heated humidifier with a CPAP machine. Rain out occurs when water gathers inside the CPAP tubing, causing a gurgling sound, due to the condensation caused by humidified air hitting colder temperatures within the tubing.

Installation or removal of the wrap from the CPAP tubing is easy with the conveniently designed zipper along the entire length of the wrap. The lightweight nylon material helps keep the tubing from feeling heavy or producing a drag or friction across bedcovers.

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    Key Specs:
  • Color: Blue
  • Length: 6.5' fits 6-7' tubing
  • Zippered wrap insulates CPAP tubing to prevent "rain out"
  • Lightweight nylon material prevents friction
  • Machine-washable
$20.99 Model #: RMD3125

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