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Cervical Roll Pillow

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Cervical Roll Pillow

Foam positioning roll pillow cradles neck or knees for a more comfortable night's sleep in any position, side or back. Support pillow is designed to offer the proper cervical cushioning for head, neck, back and shoulder pain to help you relax. Unique shape can help restore the natural curve in the neck to align the spine properly to relieve discomfort from stiff neck, muscle aches and soreness. Cushion can also be placed under knees to relieve knee (popliteal) pain. Roll fills the space behind the knee to provide elevation and support. Lightweight cushion travels with ease and can be used in bed, while reclining in a chair, or during long periods of sitting in a car or plane. To keep clean, roll pillow cover can be removed and machine washed.

$25.99 Model #: ISG59099

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