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MedCenter Daily Pill Organizer and Alarm

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MedCenter Daily Pill Organizer and Alarm

This compact nylon daily kit includes one four cavity Pill Box in a convenient and durable nylon case. The MedCenter Daily Pill Organizer clips easily to your bag, purse or attaches to your belt through the integrated Belt Loop or attached plastic clip. The Daily Pack is available with or without a 5-Alarm Watch making remembering your meds an easier part of your routine.

The kit also works directly with the MedCenter Monthly System and all of our standard pill box sized products.

The Standard Pill Box (included in the MedCenter System and all other standard MedCenter organizers) has an individual dose compartment which measures roughly 15/16" wide x 1" long x 3/4" deep on the inside. Each Pill Box contains four of these dose compartments.

Because pills and vitamins differ greatly in overall size, in order to better answer the question of how many pills / vitamins will each pill box hold, we calculated the amount of Advil® and m&m® candies would fit in each compartment and Pill Box:

Standard Pill Box
(16) Advil® per dose compartment or
(64) Advil® total per Pill Box
(10) m&m® candies per dose compartment or
(40) m&m® candies per Pill Box

  • VELCRO FLAP allows for quick access to Pill Box
  • HOLDS ONE DAILY PILL BOX (included) with four cavities marked with the time of the day
  • 5-ALARM CLOCK with backlit display and multiple digital functions
$30.99 Model #: MCN3987

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