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Hinged Elevated Toilet Seat

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Hinged Elevated Toilet Seat

This unique, hinged elevated toilet seat works with existing standard toilet seat and lid. Whether you suffer from arthritis, joint pain, osteoporosis or just a pulled muscle, a raised toilet seat can make it easier and safer to sit or stand up from a bathroom commode. This toilet accessory features a seat riser made of two parts that are hinged together, allowing the ring to be lifted in the same manner as your existing standard toilet seat. The hinged elevated toilet seat is installed using existing standard toilet seat and cover and does not appreciably change the appearance of the toilet. The hinged toilet seat elevates the seating position by 3" (7.6 cm) for easy sitting and rising. The hinged feature makes cleaning as easy as 1-2-3. Hardware kit included.

Hinged model also available for elongated toilet seats.

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