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Exercise Ball Package

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Exercise Ball Package

The exercise ball package is a safe and easy way to get a complete body workout in the comfort of your own home. Use the exercise ball to improve core strength, balance and flexibility in your lower back, spine, stomach, chest, arms, shoulders and legs. Use alone or as an addition to your usual fitness routine for a little more variety and extra challenge.

Appropriate for all levels of fitness, stability balls provide a safe introduction to exercise for those who are just beginning an exercise program as well as those who need or prefer a low-impact workout, but still want to burn calories. Individuals who may benefit from low-impact exercise using a ball include those with arthritis, osteoporosis, stress fractures or joint injuries, overweight or obese individuals, those undergoing rehabilitation, or anyone with lower endurance. A stability ball also makes an excellent teaching tool during physical therapy for back, knee or hip injuries, or for rehabilitation patients who need to re-learn movements and stability.

With the included high-volume air pump, you can take this exercise ball anywhere: Try sitting on a stability ball instead of an office chair to correct your posture and keep your spine healthy. The exercise ball package makes low-impact aerobic conditioning fun and easy for all ages!

    Key Specs:
  • Size: 65 cm diameter; 25.6"
  • For individuals 5'4" to 6' tall
  • High-volume air pump included
$50.99 Model #: PM3909

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