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Easyfold Portable Safety Frame

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Easyfold Portable Safety Frame

This safety frame is a cleverly-designed toilet seat accessory with folding foot paddles that sit flush to the floor so that the weight of the user standing on them holds the frame firmly in place. The lightweight yet sturdy frame helps keep the elderly and those who are mobility-challenged safe from accidental slips and falls in the bathroom. Large rubber feet are ideal for use in high-moisture areas; they protect floors and ensure toilet frame stays in place during use.

The folding commode frame can be folded in on itself quickly and easily, making it fully portable for use at home or away. Height-adjustable legs make frame suitable for most users and all types of toilets and bathroom spaces. Ergonomically-shaped arm rests are designed to help the user sit and stand with greater ease and comfort. This non-permanent toilet safety frame won't damage flooring and is an affordable and easy-to-install choice compared to traditional toilet frames that need to be fixed to the floor.


$97.99 Model #: ISG56706

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