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Dynamic Tape

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Dynamic Tape

This novel approach to taping uses a specially designed, highly elastic tape to contribute energy into the kinetic chain. Developed by a musculoskeletal physiotherapist, Dynamic Tape is not designed to limit range like rigid tapes but rather to permit full range while still providing strong support where needed. The unique properties and four-way stretch material permits taping in ways not previously possible with rigid tapes, non-wovens or Kinesiology tape. This isn't to say it is a replacement for other tapes, but rather an additional clinical tool for assisting in treatment or technique correction.

This innovative tape can contribute elastic potential energy to resist, facilitate or inhibit and offload or de-load soft tissues, or to use in addition to the normal proprioceptive, neurophysiological and circulatory effects of conventional tapes. In many cases, the tape acts as a second muscle with the elasticity mimicking the action of the injured muscle. The Dynamic Taping method is completely different from Kinesiology Taping or other taping methods.

It is easily incorporated into clinical practice to enhance the effectiveness of treatment immediately. The result is a genuinely biomechanical approach to taping. The tape is extremely soft to the touch and highly conformable. The adhesive has been independently tested and rated as nonirritating, nonsensitizing and nontoxic. Applied in thin strips it enhance the skin's ability to breathe along with the highly breathable fabric. Dynamic Taping allows water through to the skin, yet can be patted dry in seconds. The end result is a well-tolerated, long-lasting tape that is quite possibly the most comfortable athletic tape on the market.

Learn more about dynamic taping by watching these instructional videos.

  • Available in 2" and 3" wide rolls.
  • Available in the traditional tan color or the unique tattoo design print.
$31.99 Model #: PM3894

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