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Diverter Valve

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Diverter Valve

This handy two-way diverter valve allows you to connect a standard shower head and a hand-held shower unit on the same shower arm pipe for a more versatile bathing experience. The valve offers a perfect bath solution for those who enjoy the hands-free convenience of a stand-up shower but also need a more comfortable hand-held option due to mobility issues that require them to shower while sitting on a seat or bench.

Simply attach the diverter valve to your existing shower arm pipe to create an instant outlet for water to flow directly through shower head or hand-held hose. Use the diverter valve on top to switch back and forth between the two options. Metal diverter valve is made to stand up to hard or soft water and high-humidity environments.

Diverter valve can be used with the standard hand-held shower kit or the deluxe hand-held shower.

$22.99 Model #: ISG55734

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