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Deluxe Dual MedCenter System

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Deluxe Dual MedCenter System

The Deluxe Dual MedCenter System makes it easy and affordable for two household members to adhere to daily medication schedules. Or simply keep one month system as a spare for the pharmacy to fill without disturbing your current medications. The dual medication management system includes two MedCenter Organizer stands, two sets of thirty-one numbered pill cassettes, one MedCenter talking alarm clock, and bonus weekly travel pill box.

The MedCenter Organizer allows you to organize and manage a full month’s worth of prescription medications, over-the-counter pills or vitamins. The organizer features thirty-one individually numbered pill boxes that can be removed and taken with you as needed or remain with the organizer stand for easy storage. A special area at the front of the stand stores the current day's pills, with four designated dose times: morning, noon, evening and night. Plastic pill boxes are lightweight and feature easy-open lids for those with reduced dexterity or strength in fingers and hands. A red and green coding system ensures that the proper number of doses are completed during the day.

The MedCenter Talking Alarm Clock provides prompts to take medications regularly. Set up to four daily personal alarms to alert you throughout the day when it's time to take medicine or vitamins. Loud and extra loud volume settings ensure the alarm can be heard throughout the home. For the visually impaired, clock has a large digital backlit display that is easy to read, day or night.

Check with your local pharmacy for pre-filled and monthly delivery programs designed specifically for the Deluxe Dual MedCenter System. This program allows the pharmacist to pre-fill the empty medication organizer and, in some cases, deliver it to your door once a month to exchange the full organizer for the empty one.

Taking multiple medications, whether prescription or over-the-counter, on a set schedule is a critical aspect of managing chronic conditions to stay healthy. A medication organizer system can help ensure you safely administer medications as prescribed and minimize risk of complications such as overdose or unwanted side effects.

    Key Specs:
  • Stand dimensions: 10” W x 8” D x 7.25” H (x2)
  • Dose compartment dimensions (4 per pill box): 15/16" W x 1" L x 3/4" D
  • Quantity: Organizer stands (2); 31 daily pill boxes (2 sets); talking alarm clock (1); travel case (1)
  • Two monthly medication organizer stands each with 31 days worth of pill boxes
  • Includes one talking medication alarm clock
  • Includes empty weekly travel pill box
  • Set up to four talking alarms daily to alert you when medication is due
  • Adjustable volume (loud and extra loud)
  • Red and green color coding indicates when daily dose is complete
$77.99 Model #: MCN2919

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