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Extra Large Bubble Bath Mat

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Extra Large Bubble Bath Mat

Extra large bubble bath mat provides comfort and safety in any bathtub. Its special textured top provides a grip for feet to help prevent slips or falls on wet surfaces while bathing or showering. Bath mat adds extra safety measure for the elderly or disabled who have limited mobility and helps protect young children at bath time from accidents.

The soft, cushioned mat features 275 pedestal-style suction cups that securely attach to the bathtub floor and will not shift or slide. Pedestal suction cups provide a cushion of air between the bottom of the mat and the shower floor for ultimate comfort.

The extra large mat is almost 3 1/2-feet long for ample standing space, especially when using a hand-held shower. Mat has Microban protection that prevents the growth of odor and stain-causing bacteria, mold and mildew. Latex-free bath mat will not irritate sensitive skin.

Combine the extra large bubble bath mat with other bath and shower safety products for a complete in-home bath safety solution. An affordable, tool-less shower chair or stool paired with suction tub grab bars and a security pole ensures the whole family, from seniors to children, will enjoy a safe and secure bath experience.

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