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Womens Attractive Adaptive Apparel Dress

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Womens Attractive Adaptive Apparel Dress

A Really, Really Lovely Adaptive Open Back Dress adorned with lace trim and decorative buttons. The front pleat gives a generous fit that flows comfortably while sitting. Full back overlap with snaps at shoulders. Quality machine washable polyester. How do you put this adaptive apparel dress on? The individual remains in a seated position while being dressed. The indivdual's arms are inserted easily into the sleeves and the garment is drawn up to the shoulders. The caregiver simply wraps the generous overlap across the back and snaps the shoulder domes into place. The person being dressed is left completely covered without ever having to stand. Assisted disrobing is just as easy. This adaptive apparel dress is terrific for elderly/seniors who are disabled or wheelchair dependent.

$84.99 Model #: Sil5351

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