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183 Piece First Aid Kit

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183 Piece First Aid Kit

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Be prepared ahead of time for any emergency situation with this deluxe 183-piece first aid kit. Designed to treat up to 25 adults or children (not all suffering from the same injury), this first aid kit contains medical supplies to treat a variety of wounds and injuries, including cuts and scrapes, insect stings and bites, sprains, bruises, minor burns, and more. A must-have for families, the durable red plastic kit features an easy-carry handle and includes a wall-mountable bracket for simple installation in the home.

Kit includes an assortment of bandages, gauze, alcohol pads, antiseptic towelettes, cotton swabs, adhesive tape, finger splints, cold pack, burn cream, tweezers, vinyl gloves, CPR barrier, filtration mask and more. The kit also includes a first aid manual for review of first aid procedures. In addition to home use, keep this portable first aid kit handy at the workplace or in the car for travel medical emergencies. The first aid kit is also ideal for use at sports or entertainment events, outdoor activities and for safety training.

Need a smaller first aid kit to treat fewer people? Try the 67-piece basic first aid kit or the 37-piece compact first aid kit.

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