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Home Health Medical is located in Indianapolis, Indiana
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Home Health Medical's extensive selection of home and clinical wound care supplies offers all sizes of sterile cotton gauze fluff rolls and pads, adhesive bandages, compression bandages, hydrofiber dressings, self-adherent wraps, non-adherent wound wraps, dressing sponges and drain sponges. Proper wound care is essential to prevent infection, including MRSA and VRE, and promote skin healing. Use wound care supplies to treat and help heal open sores as a result of pressure (bed) sores from being bedridden or confined to a wheelchair for extended periods of time. Our wound care supplies are suitable for minor cuts and scrapes, burn injuries, inflammation, puncture wounds, lesions, deep abrasions and lacerations, skin grafts, diabetic foot ulcers, pressure ulcers, post-operative wounds, and more. Use wound supplies in first-aid kits to be prepared for home or travel emergencies.

Self-adherent wrap is elastic like tape, but only sticks to itself. Some self-adherent wraps come in assorted neon colors for personalized self-securing compression dressings and partial immobilization. Surgical tape for general dressings may be made of paper and backed with rayon for taping fragile, at-risk skin or constructed of breathable, perforated cloth for easy tearing. Waterproof, sterile transparent film dressings allow skin to breathe while keeping out bacteria and liquids. Non-adhering tape with a petrolatum emulsion is ideal for draining wounds. Hydrocellular adhesive dressings are waterproof and contain an absorbent polyurethane pad. SilverCel sterile antimicrobial alginate technology dressings form a gel on contact with exudates and silver acts as a antimicrobial agent.

Some wound supplies, such as self-adherent bandages and surgical tapes contain natural rubber latex and others are hypoallergenic and latex-free to prevent allergic reactions. Hydrocellular dressings are also a low-allergy wound dressing.

Dress and tend to wounds with supplies such as adhesive bandagesperoxide, lubricating petroleum jelly, ointment, noncytotoxic gels, saline wound wash, cotton applicators, gentle body wash/shampoogauze packing strips and more.

We offer the best brand names in wound supplies, such as 3M, Adaptic, Allevyn, Aquacel, Bacitracin, Hy-Tape, Invacare, Leukotape, Mepilex, Mepitel, Promogram Prisma, Xeroform and many more. 

Home Health Medical has all the supplies you need to care for and treat healing wounds and skin in individual sizes for home wound treatment and box-size cases for clinical wound care supply needs.