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Urinary incontinence and overactive bladder issues are very common and also very treatable. Urinary incontinence is the accidental release of urine and is a symptom of a bladder problem. In many cases, the leakage of urine occurs due to weakness or damage to muscles around the bladder opening (the urethra). Incontinence may also occur when there are problems with blockages or the bladder overfilling. Learn more about types of incontinence and treatment on our blog >>

There are many healthcare products available to help manage incontinence and overactive bladder. Home Health Medical‘s home incontinence supplies for personal hygiene and comfort include assorted sizes of disposable underpads, reusable bed pads, disposable premium washcloths, personal liners and pads, belted undergarmentsskin care supplies, as well as the best disposable underwear, adult diapers, pull-ups and briefs for women and men from trusted brands, including Tranquility Smartcore with antifungal protection, Depend®Prevail, Tena and Attends. We even offer specialty sized bariatric briefs. The new Depend Silhouette for Women is a revolutionary new incontinence product that looks and feels like real underwear. Many incontinence supplies are made for daily active wear or extended overnight protection in both personal-sized packs and cases for long-term or professional use. 

To help you decide what urinary incontinence supplies best fit your personal needs, Home Health Medical has compiled a list of important considerations for selecting the best incontinence products, from skin care and air flow to liquid absorption and leak protection. Incontinence product guide >>

At Home Health Medical, you can view and purchase incontinence care supplies privately from the comfort of home and have the items delivered directly to you or a loved one’s home, many times in discreet packaging.