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Home Health Medical is located in Indianapolis, Indiana
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It's easy to read blood pressure at home or while traveling with Home Health Medical's easy-to-use, portable blood pressure monitors that take accurate systolic, diastolic and pulse readings. Keep your heart health on track with one-step automatic advanced blood pressure monitors that automatically inflate and detect irregular heart beats. Or opt for an affordable advanced manual inflation blood pressure device or one with an unattached stethoscope. Choose from trusted brands of blood pressure monitoring devices that are clinically validated for accuracy, such as Invacare, Omron, HealthSmart and Life Source.

Digital blood pressure monitors provide accurate readings on multi-line, large LCD screens that are easy to read for seniors and those with vision impairment. Digital blood pressure devices may also feature multiple reading recall, pressure rating indicator, inflation meter, automatic shut-off, low-battery signal and carrying case for travel. Talking digital blood pressure monitors read aloud blood pressure numbers in multiple languages. 

Blood pressure monitor units can fit the arm or the wrist and come in adult, child and infant arm sizes; blood pressure monitors with extra large arm cuffs ensure comfortable measurements for bariatric patients.

When a cuff wears out or you need extras for travel, Home Health Medical carries a selection of replacement blood pressure monitor arm cuffs for digital monitors as well as manual replacement cuffs for professional aneroid sphygmomanometers sized for adults, children and infants.

Purchase one of Home Health Medical's affordable, highly accurate blood pressure monitors to help manage hypertension and self-monitor heart health at home. Learn more about ways to keep your heart healthy at home >>