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Home Health Medical is located in Indianapolis, Indiana
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Home Health Medical provides a variety of fingertip pulse oximeters to accurately measure pulse rate and oxygen saturation levels (SpO2) in the home or any clinical environment. Oximetry measures blood oxygenation using an infrared light that passes through skin to the blood vessels to take measurements based on blood color and pulse rate. Brighter red blood contains more oxygen than bluish/purple color blood. Deoxygenated blood can be treated quickly to prevent worsening of heart or lung conditions. 

At home, a pulse oximeter is a quick way to assess oxygen levels in portable oxygen therapy patients or those with respiratory and heart conditions, such as COPD, emphysema, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis, RSV, diabetes, severe asthma or sleep apnea. Use oximeter devices in hospitals to take reliable oxygen readings to determine a patient's need for supplemental oxygen in post-surgery recovery or intensive care. Oximeters are also useful for checking blood oxygen levels at high altitudes and during exercise for high-endurance athletes, mountain climbers and pilots. 

We are proud to offer portable oximeter models from trusted brands such as BCI, ProBasics, MedQuip and Invacare. Our pulse oximeters are lightweight, battery-powered and pocket-sized to easily fit in a purse or travel bag.

Invacare pulse oximeters are perfect for titrating patients who use portable oxygen concentrators such as the XPO2 and SOLO2 transporter. The Digit finger pulse oximeter uses traditional oximetry technology in a modern design to measure pulse in the 30-254 beats per minute range with +/- 2% accuracy. For reliable continuous blood oxygen monitoring, choose the MQ3200 View SpO2 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter, which offers a dual-color high resolution OLED display and features a pulse bar and plethysmograph to measure changes in blood flow.

Pulse oximeters have oversized, LED displays in red or blue that are easily read, even in bright light. The Digit-Ox II fingertip oximeter has ten adjustable brightness settings for clear reading in any environment. Display angles can be changed so patient and caregiver can read results quickly and accurately from any vantage point. Some of our pocket-sized pulse oximeters come with a lanyard for added security. Fingertip pulse oximeters accommodate both adult and pediatric finger sizes.

Many pulse oximeter models come with batteries included and offer long battery life (up to 30 hours). Don't worry about running out of power. Our pulse oximeters will warn you when batteries need changing, so that you consistently receive accurate SpO2 and pulse rates. Oximeters also come with auto-off features to extend battery life.

No matter the pulse oximeter style you choose, we guarantee that our durable fingertip pulse oximeter products will provide accurate, fast, non-invasive pulse rate and SpO2 spot-check measurements for peace of mind during home or clinical monitoring of blood oxygenation saturation levels for cardiac or respiratory conditions.