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Home Health Medical is located in Indianapolis, Indiana
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For the best respiratory oxygen therapy delivery, Home Health Medical sells home transportable oxygen therapy concentrators, including the Invacare SOLO2 concentrator and Invacare XPO2 transporter, both approved for in-flight airplane use by the FFA.

Concentrators can deliver a continuous flow of oxygen at a pulse or on-demand rate. They can run on both AC and DC power and come with both types of power cords. The XPO2 is lightweight (only 6 lbs) and comes with a convenient shoulder strap. Average battery life of 2.5 hours can be extended with a supplemental battery pack.

Concentrators come with a three-year warranty to ensure long-lasting oxygen therapy.

We also carry all the oxygen therapy accessories you may need for the SOLO2 and XPO2 transporters, including nasal cannula, oxygen tubing, tubing connectors, and model-specific accessories such as carrying bags, supplemental battery packs and power cords, accessory bags, humidifier kits, and wheeled carts for easy transport.