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Home Health Medical is located in Indianapolis, Indiana
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When you need supplies and accessories for your CPAP/BiPAP sleep system, look to Home Health Medical for products to keep your CPAP machine comfortable and running smoothly to help you sleep better every night and improve respiratory health conditions such as sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea sufferers who use CPAP/BiPAP machines can get a better night’s rest with the Contour CPAP multi-mask sleep pillow, designed to improve the comfort and effectiveness of sleeping with a sleep apnea CPAP mask on. The high-density contoured foam pillow is designed with a special pressure-free “mask zone” area to increase facial comfort and overall CPAP therapy compliance.

For additional comfort while sleeping, ResMed CPAP soft wraps can be attached to Swift FX or Swift FX for Her nasal pillows CPAP mask systems. Soft wraps help to reduce discomfort on both sides of your head while tightening the headgear. If ResMed Mirage FX CPAP headgear is worn out, we offer replacement headgear that fits both the Mirage FX nasal CPAP mask system and Mirage FX For Her nasal CPAP mask system. Replace CPAP nasal pillows to ensure a proper fit and prevent air leaks. Our Mirage Liberty nasal pillows work with the ResMed full-face CPAP system.

Change CPAP system filters frequently to ensure effective operation and cleanliness. We stock CPAP filters in multi-unit packs for popular CPAP brands, such as Philips Respironics and ResMed. For Respironics, you may need foam pollen CPAP filters - M Series, ultra fine CPAP filters - M Series or filters specially designed for REMstar Pro/Plus CPAP machines. For Resmed CPAP units, we carry Foam CPAP Filters - S8™ Series. If you use an AeioMed Everest CPAP machine, we can supply you with Everest 3 filters as well as a Everest rechargeable battery pack and DC power cord for Everest 2 or 3.

Make your CPAP therapy more effective with a CPAP chin strap to help prevent mouth breathing. The durable neoprene chin strap fits most nasal CPAP masks and can be hand cleaned. A manometer kit can measure and verify your CPAP pressure is correct. 

CPAP hygiene is also essential for respiratory health. Use a CPAP mask cleaner to keep your full-face or nasal CPAP mask (or any other aerosol mask) clean and deodorized. Cleaners are available as disposable CPAP wipes or 100% natural sprays. To soothe nasal dryness or soreness, apply the Simply Saline long-lasting Aloe Vera nasal moisturizing gel.

CPAP tubing options include a universally compatible CPAP tube with rubber cuffs and replacement tubing for various CPAP systems, including ResMed H5i ClimateLine tubing, ResMed SlimLine tubing for S9 CPAP machines, and washable zippered nylon wraps to cover standard CPAP hoses and SlimLine hose tubing.