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Home Health Medical is located in Indianapolis, Indiana
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Home Health Medical's large selection of orthopedic health supplies includes orthotic walking bootsCarpal Tunnel wrist supports, neoprene braces and wraps for sports injuries or exercise, arthritis gloves, abdominal binders, slip-on compression products, gait and transfer belts, pediatric arm slings, adult arm slings, and various contoured cushions and therapeutic pillows to relieve back, neck and spine pain and improve sleep quality. We carry orthopaedic supports for the wrist, hip and abdomenneck and back, finger and thumb, foot and ankle, arm and elbow, and knee.

Our orthopedic medical products are useful for home therapy to treat a wide range of orthopedic conditions, such as fall injuries, tennis elbow, inguinal hernias, back strains, pulled muscles, tendinitis, swollen joints, inflammation, sore neck, broken bones and more.

Premium orthopedic foam cushions and pillows may come in a wedge shape or include coccyx cutouts to relieve pressure on the back, spine and tailbone for a more comfortable day at the office or ride in the car. Cervical roll pillows provide added neck or lumbar support to alleviate pain while working or sleeping. The Mediflow Waterbase therapeutic pillow is perfect for those suffering from neck or cervical pain. Personalize firmness using tap water to alleviate headaches and improve sleep quality. The Softeze butterfly pillow offers a unique shape to relieve muscle tension and help you get a good night's rest. An over-the-door traction set is easy to install and provides customizable resistance to help relieve pain from muscle spasms, pinched nerves or cervical pain due to whiplash, disk prolapse and more.

Whether you're suffering from a minor sprain or pulled muscle or are recovering from a serious sports injury or surgery, or just want to sleep better, Home Health Medical is happy to supply the orthopedic support products you need to recover faster - all at competitive prices.