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Home Health Medical is located in Indianapolis, Indiana
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Bright light therapy is recommended as a first line treatment for the winter blues (SAD) and other non-seasonal mood disorders. Light therapy, or phototherapy, is also commonly used to improve sleep patterns, jet lag and shift work adjustment. It can even help treat skin conditions such as psoriasis, acne, eczema and jaundice in infants. Learn more about SAD on our blog >>

Home Health Medical offers home light therapy lamps that deliver doses of therapeutic white light set to clinical standards to help treat SAD and other mood disorders with minimal treatment time. The Day-Light classic SAD therapy lamp provides 10,000 lux field of illumination via compact fluorescent light tubes through a glare-free diffuser for visual comfort. Flicker is virtually eliminated with the high-efficiency electronic ballasts. The Day-Light SAD therapy system comes with removable, adjustable legs for maximum personal comfort and portability. 

For a more discreet SAD light therapy option, the two-in-one Day-Light Sky SAD therapy lamp serves as home task lighting in addition to light therapy. It delivers the same amount of light in a 33% more compact size. The arm is height-adjustable for optimal personal distance. The therapy lamp requires only minor assembly and is easily set up at home or office. The Natural Spectrum® desk lamp also brings full spectrum daylight indoors to help with SAD and make visual tasks easier.

Don't let the winter blues continue to sap your energy. Try the Day-Light SAD therapy lamp, two-in-one SAD task light or Natural Spectrum desk lamp today and feel more energized fast!