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Home Health Medical is located in Indianapolis, Indiana
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It's no secret that staying fit can improve your heart health and physical well-being at any age. Home Health Medical's exercise machines, weights and workout accessories can help adults and seniors begin and continue a training program to improve heart rate and core strength, tone muscles throughout the body, and burn calories in a low-impact way at home or on-the-go.

Aerobic pedal exercisers are a perfect way to get in a workout at home or the office. Visit our blog for tips on exercising at work. Floor pedal exercisers, such as the Invacare standard aerobic pedal exerciser, are portable and compact for easy travel. They feature adjustable resistance and no-slip feet for safety. A standing exercise peddler with handle stimulates circulation and features a long removable handle for stability during a workout. Upgrade to a pedal exercise machine with a digital display that indicates exercise time, revolutions and calories burned.

Exercise balls offer another easy way to get an effective workout at home or work. A stability ball can be used to improve posture, core strength, balance and flexibility. Low-impact exercise using a ball benefits those with arthritis, osteoporosis or joint injuries, obese individuals, rehab patients and more. The Home Health Medical exercise ball package includes a high-volume air pump so it can travel anywhere.

If you are wheelchair bound, exercise is not impossible! The Love Handles RX wheelchair workout is a safe, affordable way to condition and tone upper body and abs from a seated position. It is ideal for stroke or surgery recovery, rehab patients, obesity, orthopedic injuries and any condition that limits full-body exercise. Attach the fully-assembled chair workout machine to any chair or take it to a therapy session for physical conditioning.

Exercise pulley systems offer an alternative to large, bulky exercise machines in the home or clinics. Simply attach an adjustable over-the-door pulley set to any door frame to work out the upper body, arms and shoulders, and increase reach and range of motion.

Walking is an easy and fast way to jump start your exercise program. Try walking at a park, outside the office, or in the neighborhood. To keep track of your fitness levels and heart rate, use a heart rate monitor watch to ensure you are staying at your healthiest heart rate. The full-featured sports watch, also available in a petite woman's size, also counts calories and is water resistant. A step pedometer with alarm counts your steps and calories burned to help you meet your daily fitness goals. The angled, large LCD screen can be easily read when clipped to a belt, shoe or pocket.

To ensure you meet your fitness goals through exercise, the Omron fat loss monitor measures body fat percentage and body mass index (BMI) in only seven seconds. The BMI tracking device can hold up to nine personal profiles and offers high-capacity monitoring up to 440.5 lbs for bariatric patients.

To improve strength along with heart health, many options are available, including exercise bands with progressive resistance, wrist and ankle weights, and hand exercisers. Sturdy wrist and ankle weights can be easily interchanged and are color coded by weight so resistance can be increased in training programs as strength improves. Cando exercise bands are ideal for conditioning through resistance and help increase range of motion. The low-powder bands can be cut to custom size, are simple to use and can be taken anywhere.

Home Health Medical's selection of home fitness machines and exercise accessories, including aerobic pedal exercisers, ankle and wrist weights, wheelchair workout systems, resistance bands, and exercise balls, can help you get on track to a healthier lifestyle no matter your age or physical condition.