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Home Health Medical is located in Indianapolis, Indiana
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Home Health Medical's large variety of home living aids, such as SAD light therapy lamps, extendable reachers, personal alarms, orthopedic cushions, medication management tools, seat assist lifts, exercise equipment, orthopedic supports and other home medical products, provide aid to seniors and the disabled for everyday tasks such as dressing, eating, shopping, reading, taking medication and bathing.

Light therapy lamps for seasonal affective disorder (SAD), sleep disorders and skin conditions, offer a low-cost, highly-effective, portable solution for the winter blues. Exercise can also help lift your mood, so we offer a selection of adjustable wrist and ankle weights, exercise bands, portable pedal aerobic exercisers, exercise balls, specialty wheelchair workout machines, step pedometers and pulley resistance systems - perfect for beginner fitness programs, advanced resistance workouts and rehabilitation sessions.

Contoured memory foam pillows for whole body, neck, back and spine offer cushion and orthopedic support where you need it most. They offer light to firm support, some with coccyx cutouts for spine alignment. Therapeutic air cushions help cure ulcers and soft gel cushions offer excellent weight distribution. Body positioners and maternity support belts offer relief from back discomfort during pregnancy.

Reachers help seniors and the disabled retrieve items from a distance. Reaching tools are ideal for those with mobility issues who cannot bend, stretch or stoop easily. Reachers come with ergonomic handles in different lengths and are lightweight aluminum to aid in retrieving small objects for tasks or in the kitchen.

Seat assists provide lift to help individuals raise and lower themselves from a seated position on most armchairs and couches. Seat lifts fold flat for storage and are portable for self-powered seat lifting anywhere, up to 350 lbs.

Medication centers and pillbox organizers can help all ages remember to take medicine daily. With alarm medication centers, individuals can set personal voice-recorded messages for daily tasks. Pill and vitamin organizers can organize pills for the week or month, and come in portable travel kits. Pill splitters and crushers make it easier to take the right dose.

For dressing assistance, Home Health Medical offers shoehorns, sock and stocking aids that are ideal for compression stockings and people with limited reach due to hip, knee or back injuries.

For other daily living tasks, Home Health Medical offers an assortment of home care supplies, including first aid kits, utensils, medical ID bracelets, eyedropper aids, medicine cups, long-reach comfort wipes, leg lifters, hip assist kits, non-skid slipper socks, foot stools, folding shopping carts and tension-mounted standing poles.

Visit Home Health Medical's online store for low-cost daily living patient aids for SAD light therapy, medication management, orthopedic and sleep support, exercise equipment, easier standing, sitting and other daily activities and tasks.