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Home Health Medical is located in Indianapolis, Indiana
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When you need comfort and safety accessories for your manual wheelchair or transport wheelchair, Home Health Medical is here to help. For comfort, we offer competitive prices on a variety of wheelchair armrests and footrests, including elevating legrests, swing-away footrestscomfort foot cushions and foam armrests. For convenience while eating, writing or reading, attach an acrylic wheelchair tray or swing-away lap tray table. Comfort is essential for long-term wheelchair use. An orthopedic foam wheelchair seat cushion provides coccyx support for better posture and foam foot cushions protect resting legs and feet.

To safely transport personal items in your wheelchair, try one of our handy wheelchair pouches, wheelchair back carry-on totes, nylon back packs with privacy compartments, or bags. Underneath wheelchair carriers offer a mesh canopy for extra storage during shopping and errands.

For extra safety, wheelchairs can be outfitted with rear anti-tippers to prevent tipping backwards, universal forward stabilizerspivot discs for transfers, soft safety belts to prevent slipping, adjustable seat belts, and brake lever extenders for extra control while braking. Use a lightweight yet sturdy transfer board to more easily move from bed to wheelchair to bath and back.

In addition to our selection of wheelchair accessories and wheelchair ramps for manual wheelchairs, Home Health Medical provides top-quality mobility aids, such as walkers, rollators, walker accessories, travel transport chairs, crutches and walking canes for better mobility every day.