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Home Health Medical is located in Indianapolis, Indiana
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At Home Health Medical, we understand that comfort is essential in walking canes and crutches. That's why we sell walking canes for men and women with a variety of handle and tip styles for orthopedic comfort, meant to reduce shock and impact when walking. Options include steel, heavy-duty bariatric canes, stable quad canes, offset handle aluminum canes with straps and adjustable height, and even canes that turn into a portable folding seat. The Fritz style wooden walking cane has a specially designed ergonomic handle for arthritic or smaller hands. 

To keep your walking cane balanced and safe year after year, we also carry cane replacement tips in a variety of colors and sizes. Keep personal items such as beverages or keys nearby with the universal nylon cane carry-on that attaches to walking cane using adjustable hook and loop straps. 

In addition to our selection of ergonomic walking canes, Home Health Medical provides top-quality mobility walkers, rollators, walker accessoriesmanual wheelchairs, wheelchair ramps, wheelchair accessoriescrutches and other aids for better mobility every day.