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Home Health Medical is located in Indianapolis, Indiana
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Toilet safety and comfort are essential for those with limited mobility. To ensure the best experience, Home Health Medical offers low-cost toilet seat frames, raised toilet seats, toilet seat cushions and other toilet accessories to aid with sitting, standing and hygiene.

We offer a variety of elevated toilet seats, with or without arms, to adjust seat height from 3 to 5.5 inches for those who have bending or sitting difficulty. Raised toilet seats are designed to blend with an existing commode to minimize a change in appearance. Most have a lightweight, white plastic design. Many elevated toilet seats are tool-less for easy installation and use. Invacare clamp-on raised toilet seats come with arms or without arms, attach easily to an existing commode and can be tightened with one hand. Buy one seat or a pack of two for multiple toilets. Our raised toilet seats are also safe to use. They offer stable arms, hand grips, locking mechanisms, non-skid seats to prevent slipping and rear seat wings for a secure attachment. Durable toilet seat extenders can support weight capacities up to 300 lbs. 

For longer toilet bowls, elongated toilet seats work well. The elongated toilet seat fits under a regular home toilet seat and adds 3.5 inches to toilet seat height. The elevated toilet seat with undergrips is easy to carry, requires no installation, and raises seat 5.5 inches. A unique hinged elevated seat allows both seat and lid to be lifted together and is easy to clean (also available in standard size).

Adjustable toilet seat safety frames can be used with raised toilet seats for a portable or permanent solution to standing up from and sitting on the toilet. The Invacare adjustable toilet safety frame attaches to the toilet at the base of the tank with brackets. Comfortable armrests are adjustable or removable for cleaning and transfers. Adjustable leg heights offer personalized comfort. The Easyfold Portable Safety Frame is designed to be used with all toilets and can be folded for travel. To provide even more power and mobility assistance, the Uplift Commode Assist helps raise and lower individuals (up to 300 lbs) from the toilet. A removable bucket makes cleaning easy.

To add more comfort to your bathroom toilet, try a toilet seat cushion. The EZY seat cushion is covered with waterproof vinyl and offers a comfortable polystyrene filling that raises the toilet seat 2.5 inches. A gel-filled toilet seat cushion offers support and pressure relief with a soft cover.

When you need high-quality, safe toilet seat accessories for better bathroom mobility, Home Health Medical can supply the toilet safety frames, raised toilet seats and toilet cushions you need along with the best shower chairs, transfer benches and bathing products for you and your loved ones.