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Home Health Medical is located in Indianapolis, Indiana
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For a more relaxing and safe bathing experience, Home Health Medical offers a selection of shower and tub bathing products that assist with cleansing at home - in a bed or the bathroom. 

A hand-held shower kit offers a choice of spray and a long chrome or nylon hose for convenient, seated bathing. The kit works well with our shower chairs and transfer benches and installs easily on shower arms using included hardware. A universal shower clip holds shower sprayer when not in use. For versatile comfort, install a diverter valve to convert existing shower arm pipe into two outlets to switch between a hand-held shower and regular shower head. A three-in-one bath safety kit includes a handheld deluxe shower sprayer, a suction cup rotating grab bar, and a bath bench with back.

To reduce the chance of slipping or falling in a wet tub or shower, choose our secure, self-adhering no-slip bath safety treads. A cushioned bubble bath mat provides extra grip in tubs as well as Microban anti-bacterial protection to prevent mold and mildew. To keep bath items handy and reduce reaching, attach the Drive universal bathing pouch to a shower chair, bath bench or bathroom wall. A long-handled bath sponge also promotes good personal hygiene.

For those who cannot bathe in the shower or tub, an in-bed bathing solution offers convenience. Combine our inflatable vinyl bathtub with a portable hand-held shower, inflatable wash basin and shampoo tray to wash hair from a seated position. Our rinse-free disposable bath washcloths and body sprays also assist with water-free cleansing and washing. Comfort Bath® rinse-free shampoo and conditioner caps offer a no-mess, one-step hair care system.